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Jul 22, 2013· The control of different mining functions by specific ethnic groups has created tensions that have fuelled local-level violence, as well as the larger regional conflict that engulfed eastern DRC during the Congo wars [and this] is because ethnicity is directly linked to economic interests related to land and minerals.

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Persistent illegal Coltan mining in DR of Congo, using child labour and increasing biodiversity loss and environmental risks. On March 20th 2016, the priest Vincent Machozi was shot dead for denouncing the mass killing of the Nande community.

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"India is an inspiration to Africa, in that its Green Burey Gold expands in Kilo-Moto greenstone belt: Mining company Burey Gold inked an agreement with Emirati firm Medidoc FZE to buy a 60% onterest in Tendao project which comprises five exploration licences covering a total of 1,456 km², in North-Western part of DR Congo.

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Sep 30, 2016· In Lubumbashi, another center of Congo's mining industry, 180 miles from Kolwezi, doctors have begun to unravel what has long been a mystery behind a …

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Jun 29, 2013· A Logger Cutting Down Trees In DR Congo. Image Courtesy of James Morgan Photography Coltan prices are constantly rising due to the high demand for high-tech devices in the United States, and other western countries. Initially, the value of coltan was approximately $65 dollars per kilogram, however in the last decade the price had risen to…

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His Excellency President Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo has invited Africa largest independent mining construction company, Engineers & Planners to start Commercial mining of Bauxite in his country and also to help build the capacity of the power sector in DR Congo. President of DR Congo…

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In April 2005, the Republic of the Congo introduced a new Mining Code under Law4-2005. The new mining code offers attractive terms and establishes a clear regime from exploration and exploitation agreements. The mining code allows foreign entities to control mining operations. This represented the first major overhaul to the mining code since 1965.

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Dec 17, 2019· This is not the first time Huayou has come under scrutiny for its labor practices and alleged human rights violations in the DR Congo. In 2016, Amnesty International published a report that purportedly showed unsafe working conditions in a Huayou subsidiary company, Congo DongFang International Mining, where many of the laborers were children.

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